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Hola! Wow, what a great fundraiser! I want to thank first of all, all of the members who attended our Fiesta themed event. Your support by attending and your contribution towards the raffles, silent and live auctions were much appreciated. It was also great to see so many people dress up fiesta style from senoritas, some hombres, and even two pinatas, believe it or not!

The organizing committee of Gail Eggiman, Gord Parnham, Linda Marinus, Bret and Becky Walters, Mike Graham, Jessie Kobelka, and Joanne Assen were undoubtedly the best team to put together a function like this. The majority of the canvassing and picking up of donations was also done by this team and they all worked the entire evening as well. Peter Ronning, Jim Leggett, Steve Eggiman, Dale Frame, and Jim Wheeldon also assisted with canvassing.

We are looking for interested committee members for next year as some of us will be moving on or wish to just attend the banquet rather than work at it after so many years.

President Terry Kerton and Pam Aldis were the door greeters.

Bartenders were Gord Parnham, Pete Savin, Steve Eggiman, Pete Marinus, Vic Packman and Lyndsey Douglas. Liquor tickets sellers were Joanne Assen, Terry Vadaboncour, and Jen and Brad Hanstke.

The Moose Horn raffle was looked after by that dynamic duo of Dave Duval and Stan Bekus.

Terry O'Toole looked very festive wearing the Lucky Scratch Sombrero which held $100 worth of scratch tickets. He was assisted by Lyndsey Douglas.

The 50/50 raffle was sold by Bret and Becky Walters and later taken over by Nick and Mary-Lyn Doubinin.

The Ladies Raffle for a beautiful Tree of Life pendant consisted of numbered sun visors sold by the lovely Senora Mi Kyoung Jung (Eggiman) and Senora Linda Orr.

The Gun Raffle was looked after by hombres Chris Baker and Dale Frame.

Dan Orr was responsible for the regular raffle tickets and Jessie Kobelka and Shirley Leggitt were kept busy collecting everyone’s money from the auctions. Bret and Becky Walters also acted as auction attendants.

The most wanted prize of a flight for two to anywhere in the world that WestJet flys was the highlight and finale of the evening. Tickets were sold by our "pilots" Capt. Seoung Ho Jung and Capt. Brian Eggiman; but I think people were happy in the knowledge that these two nice guys did not actually fly airplanes! Club member Gloria Sponselee was the lucky winner!

Two gentlemen that kept the evening lively and the crowd entertained were Tymo from 98.9 The Goat and Dave Stevens, our well known auctioneer.

Our meal, cooked up by Kathy Jerritt from Tria Fine Catering consisted of a variety of meats including some wild game, fish, and oysters donated by some of our generous members. It was a poor hunt year so we had to supplement a little. Unfortunately, there were some comments about the lack of cougar, bear, and moose but that is the way it goes sometimes. Thank you to Jim Wheeldon for donating the smoked salmon. I also found out he spent time in the kitchen with the caterers helping them with the oyster preparation! You gotta love him!

Special thanks to my daughter-in-law Mi Kyoung who helped me with decorations. Her cactus and flowers for the tables were bright and beautiful.

Without the donations of the various businesses, merchants and members who donated prizes, there would be no fundraiser so hats off to you all!

Last but not least, thank you to the volunteers who showed up at 8am to help us set up and another BIG thank you to the people who remained behind to help tear down decorations, clear off tables and load vehicles. This was so gratifying as in the past only 4 or 5 seniors were left to look after this after working all night. It was really appreciated. Gracias!

(if I missed someone, please let me know so it can be corrected for the webpage)

Arbutus RV 
Affordable Framing 
Always Invited Rentals 
Ares Hair Salon 
Austin Powder Ltd. 
Bartle & Gibson 
Baynes Sound Oyster Co. 
BC Ferries 
BC Lions 
Blackfin Pub 
Bloomfield, Brian 
Bosley's Pet Supplies 
Boston Pizza 
Brian McLean Chevrolet Buick GMC 
Butchart Gardens 
Buzz Bomb Zinger Lures 
Canadian Tire 
Central Builders -Home Hardware Building Centre 
Chemainus Theatre 
Clifford, Ernest 
Cloverdale Paint 
Comox Golf Club 
Comox Recreation Rentals 
Comox Valley Art Gallery 
Comox Valley Kayaks & Canoes 
Complete Auto Clinic 
Corix Water Products 
Courtenay Husky 
Courtenay Motorsports 
Cumberland Bakery 
CV Marine 
D & S Taxidermy 
E.B. Horsman and Son 
Edible Island Whole Foods Market 
Elcor Holdings Ltd. 
End of the Roll 
Epp, Darcy and Larry 
Fanny Bay Inn 
Fanny Bay Oysters Seafood Shop 
GasNGo (Omni Foods) 
Georgia Strait Collision 
Gibson, Donald 
Gladstone Brewing Co. 
Gone Fishin 
Grahams Jewellers 
Great Canadian Oil Change 
Hartman's Auto Supply 
Holiday Inn Express and Suites 
Hot Chocolates 
IGM Financial 
IHOS Gallery 
Imperial Welding Ltd. 
Industrial Paints and Plastics 
Investors Group 
J.R. Edgett Excavating Ltd. 
Jim's Clothes Closet 
Kal Tire 
Mac's Oysters Ltd. 
Marine Harvest Canada 
Merit Home Furniture 
Midland Tools 
Mt. Washington Alpine Resort 
Northern Ropes & Industrial Supply Ltd 
Ocean Pacific Marine Supply & Boatyard 
Ocean Resort 
Old House Hotel and Spa 
ONO Work and Safety 
Orr, Dan and Linda 
O'Toole, Terry 
Pacific Playground Resort 
Parker Marine 
Pilon Tool Rentals 
Quality Foods Courtenay 
Reds Hair Saloon 
Reliable Gun 
Reliable Auto Body Ltd. 
Robertson, Eric 
Roots The Salon 
Ski Tak Hut 
Slegg Building Materials Comox 
Strongman, Marc and The Strongman Group 
Sunwest RV Centre 
The Home Depot 
Thrifty Foods Ryan Road 
Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre 
Tria Fine Catering 
Tyee Marine Fishing Hunting & Outdoors 
UB Diving 
Van Isle Veterinary Hospital 
Vancouver Island Enterprises 
Village Meats 
Visual Sound AVU 
Water Pure and Simple 
White Spot 
Wholesale Sports Nanaimo 
Windform Interiors 
Woofy's Pet Foods - Ryan Road

That's it for now, 

Large view

Our Annual Banquet Fundraiser with Fiesta theme.

Cactus decorations

Some great decorations for Fiesta Time

The Wells

Great costumes!


Winner of WestJet flight with our two "pilots"!



Online Fishing License Applicatoin



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Hunters and anglers, don't forget to hand in your weighin slips for your successful hunt or fishing trip. Trophies will be awarded at the Awards Banquet. Weighin slips are available here. If you think you have an animal for the BCWF Record Book, make sure you contact Eric Robertson for the info as that measurement and deadline is prior to our Antler Measure Day. Also, don't forget that there is a photo award. Here are the following categories for a chance to win club awards:

Men's Heaviest Coho
Ladies Heaviest Coho
Ladies Heaviest Spring
Men's Heaviest Spring
Ladies Heaviest Trout
Men's Heaviest Cutthroat
Heaviest Steelhead
Catch and Release Trout
Catch and Release Salmon
Catch and Release Steelhead
Lorne Franks Bow Hunter Heaviest Deer
Largest Island Deer Rack
Heaviest Island Blacktail
Island 2 Point Rack
Black Bear (Bow)
Black Bear (Rifle)
Big Game (Bow)
Big Game (Rifle)
Frank Gavin Photography
And various Hidden Weight Scores

President's Award
Bush O’Bear Conservation
Ladies Club Service
Harold Jones Men's Club Service
Life Membership Award
Certificates of Appreciation

Junior Heaviest Trout
Junior Heaviest Coho
Junior Heaviest Spring
Junior Heaviest Island Blacktail Deer
Junior Island Blacktail Rack (Rifle)
Junior Island Blacktail Rack (Bow)
Junior Big Game

Ladies Heaviest Coho


Call Eric Robertson (250) 897-2194 for information about these awards and the Antler Measure Day.




If you have your "Serving it Right" course and would like to volunteer.
Contact Gord - gparnham@telus.net




If you are not receiving club emails, please pop a note off to the-office@courtenayfishandgame.org and we'll get you on the list!
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Thank you.



Courtenay and District Fish & Game Bursaries

Please ensure your Comox Valley Grade 12 student family members apply for the Courtenay and District Fish & Game bursaries.
Forms are available through the high schools but we do ask that they write a paragraph concerning conservation or environment.
If you require more info, contact Marlene at 250-338-6197.



Membership Info
New Membership Application & Declaration can be found here

Memberships run from 1 Jan of the year to 31 December.

Regular Membership - $80.00 + $26.00 (BCWF) = $106.00
Family Membership - $110.00 = $34.00 (BCWF) = $144.00
Senior Membership - $80.00 + $21.00 (BCWF) = $101.00
18-Year Old Membership - $20.00 + $16.00 (BCWF) = $36.00

Courtenay & District Fish & Game Caretaker – call 250-338-9122
Ron Gieck – Membership Director – call 250-334-1569



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