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Not getting your Club Newsflashes via Email?
We can help!

If you have not received an email from the club within the last 2 weeks, you may have been disabled in the system.
This happens occassionally when one of our emails "bounces" off your server ... or maybe you've changed your email address and we don't know your new one!
Please send Linda Marinus a quick email so that she can fix this for you (don't forget to include your membership number)!

Large view

Our Annual Banquet Fundraiser with Fiesta theme.

Cactus decorations

Some great decorations for Fiesta Time

The Wells

Great costumes!


Winner of WestJet flight with our two "pilots"!



Online Fishing License Applicatoin



How well does BC Family Fishing Weekend work?
Please take the survey HERE to help the organizers.



Hunters and anglers, don't forget to hand in your weighin slips for your successful hunt or fishing trip. Trophies will be awarded at the Awards Banquet. Weighin slips are available here. If you think you have an animal for the BCWF Record Book, make sure you contact Eric Robertson for the info as that measurement and deadline is prior to our Antler Measure Day. Also, don't forget that there is a photo award. Here are the following categories for a chance to win club awards:

Men's Heaviest Coho
Ladies Heaviest Coho
Ladies Heaviest Spring
Men's Heaviest Spring
Ladies Heaviest Trout
Men's Heaviest Cutthroat
Heaviest Steelhead
Catch and Release Trout
Catch and Release Salmon
Catch and Release Steelhead
Lorne Franks Bow Hunter Heaviest Deer
Largest Island Deer Rack
Heaviest Island Blacktail
Island 2 Point Rack
Black Bear (Bow)
Black Bear (Rifle)
Big Game (Bow)
Big Game (Rifle)
Frank Gavin Photography
And various Hidden Weight Scores

President's Award
Bush O’Bear Conservation
Ladies Club Service
Harold Jones Men's Club Service
Life Membership Award
Certificates of Appreciation

Junior Heaviest Trout
Junior Heaviest Coho
Junior Heaviest Spring
Junior Heaviest Island Blacktail Deer
Junior Island Blacktail Rack (Rifle)
Junior Island Blacktail Rack (Bow)
Junior Big Game

Ladies Heaviest Coho


Call Eric Robertson (250) 897-2194 for information about these awards and the Antler Measure Day.




If you have your "Serving it Right" course and would like to volunteer.
Contact Gord - gparnham@telus.net




If you are not receiving club emails, please pop a note off to the-office@courtenayfishandgame.org and we'll get you on the list!
If you are receiving club emails and are no longer members, please email the-office@courtenayfishandgame.org and ask to be removed from the list or click on the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each email.
Thank you.



Courtenay and District Fish & Game Bursaries

Please ensure your Comox Valley Grade 12 student family members apply for the Courtenay and District Fish & Game bursaries.
Forms are available through the high schools but we do ask that they write a paragraph concerning conservation or environment.
If you require more info, contact Marlene at 250-338-6197.



Membership Info
New Membership Application & Declaration can be found here

Memberships run from 1 Jan of the year to 31 December.

Regular Membership - $80.00 + $26.00 (BCWF) = $106.00
Family Membership - $110.00 = $34.00 (BCWF) = $144.00
Senior Membership - $80.00 + $21.00 (BCWF) = $101.00
18-Year Old Membership - $20.00 + $16.00 (BCWF) = $36.00

Courtenay & District Fish & Game Caretaker – call 250-338-9122
Ron Gieck – Membership Director – call 250-334-1569



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