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Membership Info


We are an organization of hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor recreation. By enhancing our fish and wildlife stocks through government sponsored programs, along with promoting sound conservation practices and harvesting limits, we aim to have our renewable fish and wildlife resources forever.

Memberships run from 1 Jan of the year to 31 December .

Membership (F&G portion)   $80.00   $110.00   $20.00   $80.00
Membership (BCWF portion)   $26.00   $34.00    $16.00   $21.00
Total Fee   $106.00   $144.00   $36.00    $101.00

** Gate Access keys are $3.00 each per year  **
(Available from Caretaker (Wed - Sun), Main Office (Mon - Wed) or Membership Chair)

Our Policies & Procedures Advisory Committee (PPAC) is hard at work ....
Please click HERE to see what they're up to!


If you are not receiving club emails, please pop a note off to the-office@courtenayfishandgame.org and we'll get you on the list!
If you are receiving club emails and are no longer members, please email the-office@courtenayfishandgame.org and ask to be removed from the list or click on the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each email.
Thank you.

RENEWAL FORM - Please fill out this form and email it to Ron Gieck so that we can keep our database up to date!
(This information is required annually)

Applications for membership can be downloaded here,

Renewal/Rejoin forms can be downloaded here.

New memberships, renewals and re-joins are available at:

Courtenay & District Fish and Game Office (Lower level, Main Hall)
9:00 am – 4:00  pm Mon, Tues & Wed call 250-338-0850
The office is closed on Statutory ‘Monday’ holidays and sometimes is closed due to other unforeseen circumstances.

Courtenay & District Fish & Game Caretaker

call 250-338-9122 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun

Only renewals & re-joins are available at:

Gone Fishin', #3-2720 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay BC (Cash, Cheque or Debit only)
Tyee Marine, 870 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay (Cash or Cheque only)

During the main camping season memberships are also available from the campground Caretaker/s.

For more information contact Ron Gieck at
 membership@courtenayfishandgame.org or call 250-334-1569

Out of town renewals and applications may be mailed to the club. The application must be accompanied by full payment and a copy of a signed declaration.

Applications (in .pdf format only, No image files please) may be emailed to the Membership Chairperson. Payment then may be made using ‘Email Fund Transfer’ . Transfer instructions will be sent to you by return email.

Special Bonus Discounts for Club Members ONLY
Tyee Marine - 10% Discount
Gone Fishin' - 10% Discount
Cloverdale Paint - up to 30% off - Get your card from Jessie at the Office
Times Square Suites - 20% off Regular Rates
Woofy's Pet Foods - 12% off Regular Prices (All Stores)
Comox Valley Animal Hospital -
10% Discount on specified services. Click here for more info
Comox Valley Dodge - Special offers on Sales & Service Click here for more info
Brian McLean Chev Olds - $100 will be donated to the Club for every car sold to a member!
They also donate the meat for the Monthly Meeting meat draws!!!
Van Isle Water - 15% Discount on in-store purchases
Staples Courtenay- FREE lamination of your CFG membership card PLUS a 10% discount on your print jobs (with some exceptions)

Printable Certificate of Liability Insurance

Details of Insurance Policy
Optional ATV Insurance

Optional Range Insurance

The range insurance is optional coverage for any member using any of the archery or shooting facilities.  It covers injury to the insured member himself.  Our other club insurance is liability coverage, in case if our member injures another member or guest.
Click the link above for a copy of the coverage, maximum $50,000 for loss of life, and a prorated scale for loss of eye sight, limbs etc.
The $1.50 cost covers all venues that the member may use in the course of the year. 
Guests cannot purchase this insurance.  It is for members only.  Guests now do not need to buy insurance.  However, they must still sign in to the guest book in order to receive coverage in case of an incident.  If a guest’s name is not in the guest book with the correct date, the insurance company will not pay in the event of an incident.

Each year the Courtenay and District Fish & Game Protective Association awards 2 bursaries to deserving students
Here is some information for you!

Bursary Criteria

Bursary Application

Weigh-in Slip for Awards