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Policies & Procedures Advisory Committee (PPAC)


To assist in establishing the Association as the pre-eminent centre of excellence for Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Shooting Sports, Archery, and Outdoor Recreation, while promoting the sustainable and wise use of all Natural Resources in the province of British Columbia.


To identify member concerns pertaining to any and all operations of the Association and, through the development of Policies and Procedures, whenever possible recommend solutions and improvements for consideration by the Board, and adoption by the General Membership. These Policies and Procedures shall provide clarity around the Association's Constitution and Bylaws, aid the Board in delivering good governance to the Association, and assist in resolving the current divisive culture while restoring the Association to its stated purpose(s) as per the constitution of the Association.


  1.  To provide opportunities for all members to voice both concerns and suggestions for the "Good of the Association". Where applicable, the PPAC will conduct due diligence before developing a Policy or Procedure.

  2.  To develop Policies and Procedures that provide clarity around the Association's Constitution and Bylaws, and aid the Board in delivering good governance to the Association.

  3. To develop Policies and Procedures around such operational items as (but not limited to)
    a. Finance and Budgeting;
    b. Meeting Procedures;
    c. Safety;
    d. Government, legal, regulatory, and guidance policies; and
    e. Other issues as identified by the Board.

  4.  Report and recommend Policies and Procedures to the Board for consideration, and report committee activity to the General Membership under 'committee reports'.

  5.  Report to the Board when Policies and Procedures are not being followed.


The Committee shall consist of not less than eight nor more than ten members. Any member in good standing who agrees to work toward the stated purpose may be appointed to the Committee. The Committee will provide notice of PPAC meeting dates to each activity within the Association to ensure that each activity has the opportunity to attend and have a presence at that meeting. Committee meetings will be open to any and all General Members and Board members to attend as observers and/or presenters; President is ex-officio committee member as per Association By-Laws. Questions may be posed to attending Board Members from time to time, and it is their option to respond or refrain without prejudice. Committee members may be added or removed by a majority vote of the committee membership, and the term of a committee member shall be one year. To avoid potential conflicts of interest or compromising Board members in the ability to carry out their duties, Directors of the Board will not sit on the Committee.

The committee is seeking members who are willing to volunteer their time and talents to assist with the committee’s work – please contact the office at the-office@courtenayfishandgame.org

Please click here for a fillable PDF form for your Comments, Concerns &/or Suggestions

Following is a list of current committee members:

Denise Robson            honeydewranch@telus.net 

Larry Church               lacarent@gmail.com                  250-898-8408 

Len Everett (Chair)      l.everett@shaw.ca                     250-339-5956 

Willi Wagner               wwagner43@shaw.ca                 250-338-3080

Malcolm Wilson